The 6 Best Water Filters

Filters: lead, chlorine, mercury, rust, dust, pesticides, herbicides, chloramine, metals, nonmetals, radiological contaminants, fluoride

What’s great about it: Made with sturdy BPA-free plastic, this high-quality water filter — which has almost 6,000 reviews on Amazon — offers a bit more capacity, along with a simple push-button design. The container holds up to 1.13 gallons of water, which is 50% more than the 12-cup Brita pitcher above, and the slim construction means it takes up minimal counter or fridge space. The spigot creates efficient water pressure with a good flow rate, and there’s a sticker nearby to remind you when it’s time to change the filter — which is approximately every two months.

One reviewer wrote: “By far the best product yet! LOVE IT! Filter is easy to change, and the water filters extremely fast. Easy fill compartment on top makes filling a breeze. Spout is sturdy and doesn’t leak.”


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