Sunday, 28 October 2018

7 Tips for Creating a Traffic Attracting Your Blog

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Traffic is the life wire of every website or blog; this is why website owners and bloggers can do anything to drive traffic to their site.

I will be sharing with you some well proven tips for traffic generation to your site that will help you blow your site up with swarms of traffic.

You've been working hard on your blog, you feel established. Now it's time to get serious about traffic. We're right there with you friend - here are some very easy steps you can start taking to increase blog traffic.

I will be sharing with you some well proven tips for traffic generation to your site that will help you blow your site up with swarms of traffic.

1. Attract Traffic from Blog Commenting
This is a pretty simple way to create traffic generation; all you have to do is visit other blogs in your particular niche. Then add your comments and there is usually a place that you can also add your link.

Here you would want to add your thoughts that will actually contribute to their article ideas. This can be done in form of a question, an extra thought to what they are writing about or a specific feedback.

In regular postings/comments to other blogs, then you will be able to build a relationship with the blog owner. In doing this could lead to being a guest blogger, back links to your blog and possibly an interview.

Another great tip would be to find several blogs in your niche, signup for their RSS feed. With this you will be able see when a new article or comment is posted.

That will allow you to possibly be the first one to leave a comment on a new article. This will let your comment always be at the top of all comments that will be posted on that article.

Also, with an article that has a lot of comments and you leave one too, then you know that there are a lot of people are coming back to leave their comments and will also see yours.

2. Attract Traffic From Guest Blogging
After you have been posting many comments on another blog, send the blog owner and a message and see if you can submit an article on their blog.

This will allow you to generate a lot of targeted visitors back to your blog. Now you have gained popularity with the blog owner and his visitors, this can make you a source of authority.

3. Attract Traffic From Forums
Here you will want to leave some expert thoughts, just like you would do on blogs. If this is done with just off-the-wall comments, then it could lead to you being banned.

Always leave a good comment or suggestion so that you will be able to be seen as an expert and generate all that extra traffic.

Be sure to read the forum rules and where you can leave your link than add your keywords in that signature. You can leave controversial comments, but remember you are there for networking with other marketers.

4. Attract Traffic by Creating Evergreen Contents
If you want to increase blog traffic, the best thing you can do is quite simply create better content. You’ve probably heard this before - the term “content is king” is thrown around more than a funnel at a frat party.

But creating “better content” isn’t just about quality. It also means being more strategic with your content marketing efforts.

The most successful content is the kind that meets a specific need. Think about your audience and what they love. Content these days almost always falls into one of two categories: cool and funny or useful and educational. Choose either and you’re probably off to a good start.

If you need ideas, check out Quora and see what questions are being asked that relate to your industry subject. Also try using Buzzsumo to see what others have written about in your field, then make something even better. Or use one of these eight handy blog topic generators.

When it comes to content style, shoot for shocking statistics, beautiful infographics, and rich storytelling via video. Create stuff people want to link to and share.

Try to make sure that most of your content is evergreen. Evergreen content is the kind of content that can live forever on the web and that time won’t make irrelevant. For example, a post about this year’s Oscar nominations will become useless in a few months time. A post about the greatest movie classics will continue to be relevant over the years, making it evergreen.

5. Attract Traffic by Writing Catchy Headlines
As a blogger, you should always ensure that you’re creating irresistibly awesome headlines. Your headline is what gets visitors to your site and captures their interest.

Some even suggest that your headline is more important than your actual post! If you have a great content piece hiding behind a shabby headline, it’ll die a quick death. Appearances are everything, and just as you wouldn’t show up to a wedding wearing your stay-home-sick clothes, you can’t rely on lackluster headlines to promote your blog posts.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different headlines. Share your post multiple times with different headlines and see which style works best.

6. Attract Traffic by Creating Newsletters with Your Best Blog Posts
Promotion needs to be a big part of your content strategy, so that your hard earned blog posts drive that traffic you so desperately desire!

One quick and easy way to start driving more traffic to your blog is to start collecting emails for a blog newsletter. Once you’ve captured those contacts, you can send them weekly or monthly emails featuring your best posts, bringing already familiar visitors right back to your website.

Since these users are already comfortable with your blog, chances are they might explore a bit more on their next visit.

Who knows what they’ll find?

7. Attract Traffic From Optimizing For Speed and Mobile
Your visitors aren’t going to wait around for your blog to load. If your page isn’t coming up fast enough, they’ll hit the back button and move on to the next Google listing (ie your competitor) before you can flip a flapjack.

Need to check your site speed? No problem! Google’s Page Speed Insights tool will give you your speed score, as well as tips on what you can do to give your site the kick in the pants it might need.

In the same vein, modern users spend nearly 3 hours a day on their tablets or mobile phones. Going mobile is a no-brainer for bloggers. If you don’t think your current blog is up to snuff, consider checking out one of these fine Wordpress plugins that help create a version of your blog that is optimized for mobile devices.

In helping you to look like an expert, then start answering some of the questions on some of the posts. You can also start your own series of comments or questions and engaging with other marketers this way.

Be sure to thank everyone involved that has replied or provided you with information. This will not only provide you with valuable information and traffic generation, but will also be building those strong relationships.