Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Understanding How To Write SEO Articles Profitably

What is SEO writing? What is on page SEO and what are some web content tips that can be applied immediately and without having to spend some money on a program?

I'm learning SEO content writing with practice and it doesn't have any sort of barrier to learn other than the person's own stuff. People often make quality SEO content by focusing on the purpose of what is being written and the reason why the piece is being made before anything else. When a person decides to write SEO content before anything, a few things are often assumed.

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What is SEO writing?

Writing that includes this...

Researched Keywords
Researched Content
Click The Link

Keywords are often implemented with research that can vary in-depth, but the idea is that they will find keywords that are targeted for their own purposes, but they will have potential for traffic. Without any of the traffic, it's basically useless. These keywords can have millions of clicks, very few and they can also be created from scratch as well.

Could be something

People clicking on websites and doing what they do will make traffic. Every person clicks on a keyword for their own reasons and sometimes the reason is a collaboration that many people also participate in. This makes a keywords traffic.

The content is bought for sales, eCopy, promos, links, traffic and so on. The content will have actionable content and be directed for a sale. This usually costs more considering its content that will be applied to make sales directly.

The call to action says this, "You Would Be Better If You Clicked"

If you're learning something wonderful, if you knew that you must feel more confident.

Web Content Tips < --This is a researched Keyword

SEO will always consider these when they are made for websites and sales. Often they are people who make different websites that have done their research for the keywords and want to increase their ranking by making some higher quality content that also applies it for promotion and being able to become visible to Google's ranking system.

Google always changes their ranking system, although not as often as it seems. They have large updates that are determined to increase the website's value and always reveal a reality of what the websites purpose is. This means that Google will resemble and reward websites that have content with in-depth content, which can be mirrored in SEO writing. These keywords are a part of On Page SEO that works together to create topics and themes to be realized by Google, with minor coding, unless you have a blog with a plug-in.

What is On Page SEO <---- Another Keyword

To be direct, On Page SEO puts keywords in

H1 - H2 Tags
Meta Description
Title Of The Page
The Content
Headers, footers
Submit Website - Check the webmaster tools it'll be found

Very simple to do and it's well-known in this time that these are the main criteria when it comes to making a page Google ready.

These are all equally valuable and should always be done without any exceptions for increasing the rank of a website and meeting Google in a partnership.

SEO Web Content ( Another Keyword )

Last sentence
A few throughout
LSI keywords ( Long tail related keywords that can add to the traffic )
LSI keywords will form themselves in a well-researched document, but if they don't, keyword research is always available.

This is how to write SEO articles.

SEO content writers with myself included make content that varies

Web Content Writing
Article writing ( For Spamming and link building )
Article writing for Traffic
Splash Pages

This is some of the content that is built by article writing services that varies in price range and will depend on what the person wants to charge.It can cost 20-50$ for 500 words sales letters are bought for thousands.

I do Write content and I do accept orders through PayPal. If you want any content written do contact me by sending a message to this account on Ezine article or sending an order through my Fiverr account that has recently been created to enable orders.