Monday, 5 June 2017

How to Get Your Blog Comments Approved

In this post, i will be sharing with you how to get your comment approved swiftly and drive more traffic to your site . I have shared a very great post on how to get your comments approved speedily pt1 some time ago. Although you can add your comment on a site, it’s not guaranteed that you can drive more traffic to your link.

There could be hundreds of comments on the comment section. You can get more attention to your comment by putting your comment top of the comment section.

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That can be done, if you’re the first commentator or if you know when a blogger publish his new post. This also gives you an advantage of approving your comment. Let’s see how to become the first commentator and get your comment approved immediately.

1. Login to your Google account. Then go to

2. Google alert is another free service from Google, which inform you the changes in Google search engine.

If you want to find news, new posts about Football, you would use the Google alert service to receive new updated to your mailbox. Now I want to get the latest posts about SEO, and those web pages should have KeywordLuv comment systems. Look at below screenshot.

3. Add your search query that is for finding dofollow comment enabled blogs, and set up delivery settings. By default it sets for once a day and sends only the best results. You can change those settings to your own choice like receiving the mail just after publishing the certain post etc. Change result type to “Blogs” and create the Alert.

4. After creating the alert, you can see your all alerts. Now you will receive an email whenever any Dofollow comment enabled blog published a new post about the certain topic.

That’s how you can find the latest blog posts and be the first one to comment on certain posts. Don’t try to comment only on Dofollow comment blogs. Maintain the nofollow and dofollow link ratio in a good rate.

Moz has shown that nofollow links also make the changes in search engine rankings. It’s not high comparatively to Dofollow links. But it is very essential in rank increasing scenario.

Post quality comments, unlike “It’s a good post”, “Nice article”, “I agree with you” etc. Although you share your own words, it looks like spam. There are hundreds of powerful plugins to filter the spam comments. So don’t waste your valuable time spending for such works.

Share your social message that gets admin’s and people’s attention and exposes who you’re and your personal to the entire blogosphere.