Monday, 5 June 2017

6 Tips for Creating Traffic Pulling and Money Making Blog

There are what to do to turn your blog into money making machine either you already are an active Blogger or about to starting a new blog, having your own web-site on an subject that interest you can be rewarding in many ways, but having a blog on what interests you and provides solution for the general public is the goldmine in blogging.

For instance, sex, how to make money and how to live healthy are subjects that the general public will want to read about. Therefore, in this post today, I will be revealing top 6 basic tips to turn your blog into a money making machine by creating a generally read blog.

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1. Find Your Interest

Writing about something that interests you! This is one of the most important factors for making a successful blog. Making a blog successful won't happen overnight but does take some hard and wise work.

If you choose a subject that interests you, it won't seem like a burden to you rather you will enjoy writing about it day and night and the same time sharing your ideas and discoveries to provide solution to the general public.

2. Find a "Generally Sort for" Niche

Like I said in the introduction of this post, there are millions of blogs out there already on the internet and simply creating another blog that is not different from all the other ones out there won't get you anywhere. Instead find a Niche that doesn't have much coverage yet but is a generally sort after. Do some research on the internet and see if a blog on the subject that interests you already exists.

Certainly such blogs exists in millions, but don't let that bother you. Do a survey on the blogs in your choice niche and collect ideas on how to improve upon whatever solution they might be providing at the moment.

Once you have your Niche, make sure to stay true to this field by publishing related articles. Many bloggers are all over the place. Staying focused on one subject will make your blog very valuable to people that are interested in the niche. They will be coming back to your blog, penning down comments, and recommends the blog to others.

3. Write Solution Providing Content

It is content that makes a blog worthwhile. You must therefore write contents to for only your visitors but also have all the search engines in mind; so you will be writing what is called “SEO Friendly Contents”.

Don't just write to show there are new posts in your blog; write something of value for your audience, something that can even spark off discussions and something that people are interested in reading about. Many bloggers run out of ideas on what to write about and for that reason they often times write contents that does not add any form of values to the reader.

I use to do this when I newly came into blogging! Please don’t do it. One great way to get new ideas on what to write about is by reading comments your visitors have left on your previous postings. It is a great idea to add new content that people are interested in and that your visitors think is worth discussing.

4. Build a Network

May I say here that success in any online business is a product of the network around you, no matter what you do; you cannot succeed being an island. Therefore, find other related bloggers and blogs in your niche and build relationship. Contact the blog administrator and compliment them on their site.

Suggest to them to write an article for them that is related to their site. In this article refer to another somewhat related posting on your blog by linking to it. Chances are that the blog administrator would like to do the same on your site. Do this with many related blogs and the search engines will love your site and bring you more visitors.

5. Keep Learning from Others

 Continue to educate yourself on the field that you are blogging about by selecting few bloggers who have proven records of blogging success and make them your mentors, also visiting and reading other related blogs, getting relevant eBooks and video tutorials.

With these methods well engaged you will become a true expert in your chosen niche. When you have much knowledge on your subject then you can provide uncommon solutions on that issue, visitors will then begin to value your opinion and ideas and will also be willing to open their pocket for you whenever you market any product to them.

They will enjoy reading your articles and continue to suggest it to their families and friends.

6. Promotion/Marketing

Promoting your blog is very crucial; imagine a shopping mall that is stocked with all manner of items yet nobody knows that such shopping mall exists. I hope you can understand the end result of such store? In the same vein, when you don’t promote your blog, no one even the search engines will not take not of the existence of your blog.

If you must make your blog a money making machine then do all that is required to constantly promote your blog. You are basically promoting your blog in order to generate swarms of traffic to your blog every day and night even while you are sleeping. Read more on blog promotion here.

With the above six factors well in place, your blog is fully ready to be turned into a Money Making Machine. Once you have good traffic on your site, you can start making money. The easiest way to make money is by using a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) model. The most commonly used one is Google Adsense and Infolinks. You can easily register with them and rightly position the ads on your blog. Read more on Adsense tips.