Saturday, 4 July 2015

Driving Traffic with Free Backlinks Checker Tool

Do you to see swarms of traffic rushing to your blog? Then you must know how to use free backlinks checker tool to do the miracle. You need quality backlinks to rank higher in search engines like Google, Bings and Yahoo. 

It is best if your backlinks come from very high and popular ranking sites, and the more of such backlinks you have the higher your site ranking becomes, free backlinks checker can help you achieve this feat. 

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One of the many benefits of backlinks checker tool is that backlinks checker help to ensure that you are getting the relevant backlinks you expected. 

What is backlinks checker?
Backlinks checker is a tool or utility that tells you how many inbound links are coming to your website or blog.

A number of these backlinks checker tools are online based. You enter the website or blog you want to check and it will generate the number of backlinks pointing to that site and where they are coming from.

Another good thing about backlinks checker is that you can easily find out the quality and relevance of the backlinks by examining the websites in which the backlinks originates from; see 5 backlinks checker tools.

Backlinks checker tools are very easy to come by. There are very many backlinks checker that are free of charge while others may attract some charges. However, the paid version of backlinks checker offers additional features than the free version.

You must understand that backlinks from a high ranking and high PR websites are readily much more effective in raising the search engine rankings of your site than backlinks from lower PR websites. And the best places to get such high ranking backlinks websites.

However, these tend to be much more difficult to obtain. The backlink checker tool can help identify how well your backlink building efforts are doing.