Tuesday, 19 May 2015

4 Exclusive Tips for Becoming a Pro-Blogger

Becoming a pro-blogger is the desire of every blogger today, but you must know how to go about becoming a pro-blogger; in this post, I have highlighted 4 very vital tips for achieving this.

Unlike today, blogging in the past was mostly a medium of sharing of one’s personal opinions and views. It has become a medium of earning a living for so many folks.

 Becoming a Pro-Blogger

But with the rapid growth of information technology and its dominant role in the commercial market; blogging has become one of the most potent medium of making money online and offline.

Creating a professional blog has not only become a source of making money, but it also has become one of the most potent tools for company and individual website owners to express themselves, market their products and above all, generate swarms of traffic (leads) to their sales.

Many people in our world today including companies are doing great online by setting up professional blogs online, these blogs are very informative and updated regularly thereby being liked by internet users.

Below are 4 proven tips for becoming a pro-blogger for generating targeted traffic that converts effectively.

1.  Comment Regularly on Other Blogs

One major way of becoming a pro-blogger is by being a regular in commenting on other person’s blog.

There are millions of blogs online as at today, your task is to look out for the ones relevant to your blog and regularly post useful comments in them. You can subscribe to their RSS to alert you whenever their new post goes life.

The blogs you are commenting regularly on will reciprocate your action and in turn generate a lot of comments and traffic for your blog as well. In addition your blog gets uncommon promotion and exposure the more. It helps you generate instant website traffic.

2. Break Your Posts into Paragraphs!

There is nothing as annoying than when you visit a blog to read a blog post that is as good as a huge block of texts packed together in one block. In setting your paragraphs, let it be not more than 5 lines long.

3. Use Corresponding Images

The use of images to Tell Your Story in a blog post is very seo friendly. Everybody loves pictures, adults, youths and kids alike. Hence the use of images that corresponds with your post is highly recommended.

Images help tell your story at first sight and they are visually appealing to all visitors. They also help to draw your reader's eye down the page and keep them engaged.

4. Join Relevant Forums

Look out for forums especially those that are related to your blog niche. WarriorForum is one big internet marketing forum on the internet today. Here is a list of some very good internet marketing forums. If your blog contents are tutorials and providing solutions; your blog will begin to enjoy instant website traffic.

Joining forums also help improve your blogging capabilities and gives you access to free exchange of opinion and views with other bloggers who might know more than you do.