Saturday, 10 January 2015

How to Purchase Targeted Website Traffic

Before I start showing you how to purchase website traffic, it very crucial that I let you into the TRUTH, the truth is that purchased website traffic are never as good as organic website traffic.

That is the simple truth; don’t get me wrong, I have not said purchase website traffic is not good, I said they are not as good as organic traffic. Purchase website traffic is also referred to as paid traffic.

Targeted Website Traffic

Take for instance If your website is MP3 and MP4 music and video website, to purchase website traffic for your site therefore mean you are paying viewers to come to your website to watch movies, play music and probably download MP3 and MP4.

Why not? That is their main purpose of coming.

Then you may say: “I will sample my ads before them and as they come they will see the ads and click on them” SORRY!!! That may not work out well.

Remember, when you purchase website traffic, it means bribing a traffic broker to bring rented web surfers to your website, the end result is that these people can either be interested in what your site is all about OR they are not interested at all.

Therefore, at the end of the day, 10,000 visitors came to your website in a day and only skeletal number converted and made you some little money. This is not why you are an internet marketer I guess. That is the bad side of purchase website traffic.

4 major disadvantages of purchase website traffic

1. Purchase website traffic are never targeted, they just visited your website because they were cajoled to do so.

2. Purchase website traffic will not make any purchase because they are not the people who are looking for solution you are selling.

3. Purchase website traffic will not refer your website to their family and friends.

4. You gambled with your hard earned money, this is because it cost a lot of money to purchase web site traffic.

The Basics of Buying Website Traffic 

There is usually a great difference between the price you pay for targeted traffic and general traffic; general traffic is reffered to here as un-targeted traffic. In purchasing targeted website traffic, you would always have the option of going for the cheapest one as well.
General/Un-targeted Traffic

Whenever you buy general web site traffic from a website traffic broker, you are paying for more any kind of visitors to be directed to your site.

Like I said before, this does not necessarily mean that these visitors are really interested in buying the services or products you have in your site, they are there because someone or software asked them to. The bottom-line is that you are paying to get more visitors to click on your domain.

Targeted Traffic

The very good thing about targeted traffic is that the majority of visitors that are directed to your site will be interested in what your website is all about because they were told that before they came.

This is often achieved by redirecting people from domain names, other relevant websites, search engines, forums, social media etc. These visitors clicked to your website because they are interested in what your website is providing, and when they come, they will take proper actions that convert.
Other things to consider when purchasing website traffic

1. Amount of traffic: You must decide on the number of traffic that you want. Purchase website traffic is available in different packages.

2. Have a budget: Whatever you do without considering the financial implications may land you into troubles. Therefore, set a budget for purchasing website traffic.

3. Prepare your website to maximize your visitors: You must make sure that your website or landing page is very ready to make the best use of your paid traffic. Remember you have already spent money to direct these visitors to your site.